What are the technology requirements to use LaunchTrack?


Anyone with an Internet connection and a web browser can use LaunchTrack!

What that means is that you absolutely do NOT need any programming or design skills to use our product. As one of our customers so aptly said, “If you can run a Facebook page, you can use LaunchTrack."

LaunchTrack works on all modern browsers, but if you are using version 8 (or lower) of Internet Explorer, you may not be able to use all the functionalities of LaunchTrack. For an optimal user experience, we recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 or higher, or Chrome 10 or higher.

Browsers are free and easy to install. Not sure what browser you’re using? Click here to check: http://whatbrowser.org/

Upgrading to the latest version of your web browser is good for a variety of reasons - Newer browsers are faster and will save you time, protect your data better, and give you access to all the cool new things the Web has to offer.

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