How and when will I get paid?

Every Friday, payments for your ticket sales from the previous week will be automatically deposited into your account* minus any applicable fees i.e. the credit card processing fee and LaunchTrack service fee**.
You will also receive an email confirming the payout and the amount. The email will be from and will say "Payment from LaunchTrack" in the subject line.

The money is deposited directly to your bank account for the transactions that took place in your account during the most recent payout period.
The weekly payout period is from Tuesday 7:00 PM (Easter Standard Time) until the following Tuesday 7:00 PM. (During Daylight Saving Time, the payout period would be from Tuesday 8:00 PM until the following Tuesday 8:00 PM). That means if someone pays you on Monday, those funds will be included in the deposit on Friday of the same week i.e. 4 days later. However, if someone pays you on Thursday, those funds will be included in the deposit the following Friday i.e. 8 days later.
Transfers are sent via ACH (direct deposit) to your linked bank account. Funds are automatically deposited into your account, and usually available within 1~2 business days.
To view your previous payout history, simply log in to your LaunchTrack account and click "Transfers" in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. (see image below)

* Before you can accept payments, you have to provide information about the bank account where you want payments to be deposited. Click here for more details.

** See our Pricing page for a more detailed breakdown of LaunchTrack's pricing and fees.
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