How can I delete someone from my registration list? (for fake/test registrations)


It's very common for event organizers to sign up for their own event on LaunchTrack to make sure it's working correctly, and then want to delete their name (or the fake name they signed up with) so that it doesn't show up in their official registration list and reports.

To delete a registration, first click the "Details" button next to the event that the registration belongs to, and find the registration you want to delete by entering the registrant's name or confirmation number into the search bar in the upper right-hand side.

Once you've the found the registration you want to delete (see example below), click the "View" button.

On the next page (titled "Registration Details"), click the blue "Actions" button in the top right corner and then click "Move to Prospect" in the dropdown menu (see image below)

Once that's done, click "Registrations" in the navigation bar at the top. (see below)

Search for the registration again and this time it should be labelled as a Prospect (in orange). Click the red "Delete" button to remove them from your records for good. Deleting a registration will remove it from your registered attendees list, and it will no longer show up in any reports.

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