What does the orange PROSPECT label mean?


After a few people have registered for your event, you may notice that some of them have a green "REGISTERED" label next to their name, while some have an orange "PROSPECT" label. For example:

REGISTERED means that that customer has successfully completed the registration process all the way through and is paid in full.

PROSPECT means that that person started filling out your registration form, but for some reason did not pay and complete the process through to the end.

When you click the gray "Details" button next to an event and are taken to that event's Registration Details page, by default you will see only REGISTERED attendees. To see your PROSPECTS, click the blue "View Prospects" button. (see below)

What's great about the PROSPECT label is that these are people who have expressed a strong interest in your event, and are really strong sales leads.

A great way to boost your ticket sales is to re-market to these people by sending them an email asking them to complete the registration process. Click here to learn how!


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