I'm an event organizer. How can I start using LaunchTrack?


Step 1: Sign up for LaunchTrack

Signing up for LaunchTrack is fast and FREE - All you need to create a LaunchTrack account is a valid e-mail address.

Go to http://launchtrack.com/login to sign up if you haven't already!

Step 2: Create your first event

To create your first event, log in to your account and click the green "Create New Event" button that you see in the middle of the page (on the left). You'll be asked to specify what type of even you're organizing, and whether or not it requires tickets.

After that, youʼll be taken to the event creation wizard where you'll see the following sections to fill out:

Event Information

Event Design

  • Background Color
  • Header Image
  • Sidebar Image 1
  • Sidebar Image 2
  • Sidebar Image 3

Once you've done all that, after accepting the Terms and Conditions at the bottom and clicking "Next", you'll be taken to the final step of the event creation process - Building out your registration form.

Feel free to skip through this step if you're short on time, since you can always come back to edit your registration form later. For more information on editing your registration form, click here.

After you click "Save", congratulations! Your event page is now live!

Step 3: Link your bank account

This step is necessary if you're planning a paid event. (Hosting a free event on LaunchTrack is free)

For more details on linking your bank account to LaunchTrack for weekly payouts via direct deposit, click here.

Step 4: Ask us anything. We're here for you

If you need any help getting started, contact us anytime at support@launchtrackinc.zendesk.com or live chat with us at https://launchtrack.com/chat. We look forward to speaking with you!

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