How can I make notes or add extra info about people who have registered for my event? (Admin Only fields)


You can do this with a feature called "Admin Only" fields, which are not visible to people registering but are only visible to you, the organizer, to see and fill out when you're logged in to your LaunchTrack account. "Admin Only" fields allow you to make notes on people, categorize your attendees, or even create groups or teams, all "behind the scenes" in the back end of the system.

Creating an "Admin Only" Form Field

Here's how to add an "Admin Only" field to your registration form:

1. Find the event whose registration form you want to add an Admin Only field to, and click "Edit' next to it.

2. At the top of the next page, click on "Form Fields" at the top.

3. Choose the type of form field that you want to make "Admin Only" from among the options at the top, and click to add it to your registration form.

4. The new field will appear at the bottom of your form with a red outline. In the Form Editor on the left side, make sure to select the "Admin Only?" checkbox. Once you're done, click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

In the example below, I've made an Admin Only field called "Skill Level". Let's pretend I'm a soccer coach running a soccer camp, and on the first day of the event, a basics skills test is administered to all players while I take notes on each players's skill level while logged into LaunchTrack on my iPad. 

NOTE: Even though I added an Admin Only field called labelled "Skill Level" to my registration form, people signing up for your event will not be able to see this hidden field. Only you, the organizer, can see and edit the "Skill Level" Admin Only field when you are logged into your LaunchTrack account.

Using an "Admin Only" Form Field

Here's how to actually use the Admin Only field you created:

1. Find the event with the registrant you want to make a note on, and click "Details" next to it.

2. On the next page, find the registrant in question by scrolling through the list(s), or use the search bar in the upper right-hand side, and then click the blue "Edit" button next to that registrant's name.

3. On the Edit Registration page, you'll see the Admin Only field labelled "Skill Level" that I created earlier. Here I would enter "Beginner" for this registrant, and after I'm done I would click "Save" and this information will be saved with the rest of this person's registration information.

Once you've done this for all your registrants, the Admin Only field can also be selected in Reports and used as a sorting/filtering criteria. For example, I could create a custom report that only contains all Beginners and their registration information.

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