How can I email people who have registered for my event?


Email is the primary way for event organizers to keep in touch with their attendees, and we've made it super simple and easy to do so with yours.

From your Admin Dashboard (the first page you see after logging in), find the event whose find the event whose attendees you want to email, and click the "Details" button to the right of it.

On the next page, click the "Send Email" button near the top. (If your event does not yet have any registrations, you will not see this button)

After clicking "Send Email", you'll see the below form for sending emails:

As you can see in the section labelled "Send to:" in the image above, you have the following email options:

  • All registrants : Everyone who has registered and is paid in full. For example, if the start time of your event changed, or you have to cancel the event due to bad weather, this is how you would tell people.
  • All prospects : People who started but never finished registering. These are very "warm" sales leads and emailing them can be a great way to boost your registrations.
  • Results from report : All the people included in a Report that you previously created

Once you're done crafting your message's content in the "Body" section, click the "Send the Email" button at the bottom to send it to all of your selected recipients.

On the other hand, if you'd like to only email an individual registrant or prospect, you can do so from the Registration Details page for that customer.

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