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Quick Account Setup Guide
Get Setup So Your Page Looks Like This

Where should we send your money?

The first thing you’ll see after logging is this graphic (see below) asking you to confirm your bank account. You’ll need to do this in order to start accepting registrations and payments online. Click the "Confirm Account" button, and fill out the simple form.

Business and Bank Information

We collect this information to comply with the Patriot Act. The personal information collected is simply to verify identity, and there is NO credit check. The business and banking information collected will allow us to direct deposit funds into your bank account. We never actually see your banking information since everything is collected securely.

Update Your Profile Information

Next, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and then click "Profile" (see below). Fill out the contact information that your customers need to know. This information will be dynamically used as your default contact information.

Standard Events Already Loaded Into the System

You’ll see that you already have 3 registration pages in the system. These were pre-created so that you can start accepting registrations for your upcoming season in a snap. You’ll be able to edit them, but in doing this, you’ll also learn how easy it is to use our event creation tools.

Edit Your Standard Events

To edit one of your standard events, just click on the blue "Edit" button to the right of the event (see above) and you’ll be taken to the event creation wizard for easy editing.

Updating Your Event Name and Info

You can easily update the name of your event. To start, we’ve set up your 2014 registration pages for Football and Cheer with generic names. However, if you need to change the name, go right ahead! Just note that this will change the last part of the registration page's URL, so once you start promoting your event online, you won’t want to change the name. You can also update your address in the lines below that.

Set Up Your Pricing Levels

Changing your pricing is very easy. We pre-set the pricing, so you can see how it works. Just edit the Name, Maximum Quantity, and Price as needed. Set Maximum Quantity to 0 if there is no limit to the number of registrations you can accept. If you need to add additional pricing levels or options, just click the green "Add Price Level" button.

Adding Promotional Codes

You can easily add promotional codes by clicking "Add Promo Code". Then select the code you will want a user to enter in order to get the discounted price.

Editing Event Information

You’ll want to make sure your customers have the important information about your event they need in order to complete registration. You can easily add this information using our text editor. It works just like a Word Document, so you can bold, underline, add hyperlinks, etc.

The Health and Liability Waiver

Everyone who registers for a UYFL event is required to sign the health and liability waiver. The standard UYFL waiver is already pre-loaded into the system, so there is no need to make any edits to this section. However, if you’re an attorney and feel like you want to make edits, you can do this easily using the text editor. 

The system is set up to skip asking for insurance information on the health and participation waiver page. If you would like to add this step, just uncheck the box at the bottom.

The Email Confirmation

Once someone has successfully completed registering, the system automatically sends a confirmation email to both the registrant and the event administrator (you).

The UYFL Participation Contract will automatically be attached to email confirmations. If you want to add additional information to your email confirmation, you can do this easily using the text editor.

Changing Your Contact Information

If you want to change the contact information displayed for your event, you can do this easily using the text editor.

Designing Your Page

You can edit the look and feel of your page using our simple design editor. Start with the background color you would like to use. Use the color wheel to find the color you like. Just make sure you see the color show up in the rectangle.

There is a standard UYFL Header image already loaded into the system. However, if you would like to change this header image, you can upload your own. Just make sure that the image is sized correctly. The correct image size is 851px X 315px, which is the same size as the Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. If the image isn’t sized correctly, your page will not look very good.

You can also upload images for the side of your page. These images need to be sized at 250px X 250px. Again, they need to be sized correctly, or the page will not look very good. You can also add a hyperlink to your side images. This will allow someone to click on the image and be taken to an external website. Just enter the full URL into the bar, including the http://

Last but not least, make sure that you save your changes!

Your Standard Registration Form

The UYFL has a standardized registration form already loaded into the system.

Your Event is Now Live!

Once you’ve saved your event, you can start promoting it via social media, email marketing, and on your website. Just copy and paste the registration page's URL into any of these other marketing mediums and you’ll be off and running!

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