How can I create and print complimentary tickets for guests?


Here is the easiest way to create and print complimentary tickets for your event.

Step 1: Create a hidden $0 price level

Assuming you're already created your event, log in to your LaunchTrack account and click "Edit" next to the event.

In the Event Edit page, scroll down to the "Pricing Levels" section and add a new price level whose Price is $0.00, and make sure to check the "Hidden" box. What this does is create a new hidden price level that people registering will not see, but which you can use to create registrations for however many complimentary tickets you need.

Once you've created this new price level, make sure to click the green "Save" button at the very bottom of the page to save your changes.

Step 2: Create new registration(s)

After you've created the hidden $0 price level, this time click the "Details" button next to the event.

On the next page, click the green "Create Registration" button at the top of the page, and you'll see a "back-end" version of your registration form. Select the hidden price level you made earlier, fill out the form, and then click the green "Next" button at the bottom.

You'll be taken to the "Receive Payment" page, where you can enter the Amount received (in this case $0 since these are complimentary tickets), the Payment method (Comp/Scholarship), and whether or not they are paid in full (select "Yes").

After this is done, hit the green "Save" button at the bottom, and the comped attendee will be registered in our system. Both you and the attendee will receive an email confirming the registration.

Step 3: Print tickets

From the Admin dashboard, once more click the "Details" button to the right of your event.

Next, find the attendee whose ticket you want to print (by scrolling or via the search bar on the upper right-hand side) and then click the "View" button next to their name.

On the attendee's "Registration Details" page, click the blue "Actions" button on the top right corner, and then click "View Ticket" in the dropdown menu to open the PDF.

Once you have the PDF open, click "File" and then select select "Print" from the menu bar at the top. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P for Windows or Command⌘+P for Mac.

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