I'm having trouble logging in to my LaunchTrack account. What do I do?


If you can't log in to your LaunchTrack account despite entering in your email address and password correctly, then the first thing you should try is "clearing your cookies"[1].

The way to clear your cookies varies depending on what web browser[2] you use. Click the link below for the browser that you use to log in to LaunchTrack:

If you've cleared your cookies from your browser but you still can't log in to LaunchTrack, please email us at support@launchtrackinc.zendesk.com and we'll help you get to the bottom of your login issues.

[1] "Cookies" are a way for your web browser to "remember" who you are, what sites you recently visited, etc. Cookies are what allow websites like Amazon to remember what you put in your Shopping Cart last time you visited, and cookies are the reason you don't have to re-enter your login info every time you want to use apps like Facebook or Twitter (or LaunchTrack!).

[2] If you're not sure what browser you're currently using, just click this link to find out: http://whatbrowser.org/

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