LaunchTrack Payouts Upgrades


We’re excited to announce an upgrade to our payments infrastructure here at LaunchTrack. This change is laying the foundation to offer you faster payouts, better reporting and potentially decreased fees. In order to complete the upgrade, we will need you to re link your bank account. Don't worry! It’s the same process you already completed, and the change will not disrupt your ability to charge credit cards. It also doesn't require a credit check or anything of that sort. It's super easy. To get started, please click here and follow the simple instructions:

Click on the Confirm Account button, and complete the simple form. You will see that some information has already been entered into the application to speed up the process. Please confirm that this information is correct and make any necessary changes.

Then, fill in the following:


Last 4 of Social (Just for Identity Verification)


Then hit submit application and authorize LaunchTrack .

Please let us know if you have any questions, as we'd be happy to help walk you though the process.


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